Why should you worry about Cyber Attacks??

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Cyber has been a hot button for some time in the insurance industry. I have talked about it several times via this blog as well. It is easy to become a little desensitized to the entire topic and adopt a laissez-faire attitude … but the reality is … These attacks are not going away. In

Business Cyber Crime Increase – Yikes!

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Protecting your business is equal parts risk management and adequate insurance coverage.  It is important not to let your guard down due to the fact that you have “good insurance”.  Cyber crimes against businesses are on the rise and end up costing billions.  See the attached press release by the FBI regarding the ‘Increase in

What is Cyber coverage and why do I need it?

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Cyber coverage can cover quite an extensive swatch of online activity.  The most common situation that comes to mind is a data breach by some hacker mastermind intent on stealing social security numbers, bank account or credit card information in an attempt to commit identity fraud.  While this does happen occasionally, Cyber coverage is intended

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