Business Service solutions to facilitate growth in the areas of

business compliance, safety, and management.

Risk Management

Do you know where your gaps are?

360 degree Assessment

Not all businesses fit the same mold – even within the same industry.  A more detailed approach helps analyze potential issues, mitigate risk and offers a starting point for real world solutions.


What are the most important pieces of your business - income, property, products, labor, etc ...

Protect your assets

Insurance coverage is meant to lessen your individual risk.  Whether from intentional damage, natural hazards, or just plain accidents, having the right coverage is an essential business tool.

HR Support

HR is often overhead that doesn't present an ROI, unless you get into a pickle.

Customizable HR Support Solutions

for any industry or size of business.  Cost effective without increasing your payroll.  Options including full-service, self-service, a la cart and anywhere in between.

Employee Benefits

What is one of the most expensive cost of business?

Loss of good employees

Putting together an employee benefit package/employee retention program can save valuable resources and doesn’t have to break the bank.

Payroll Processing

What is the purpose of Outsourced Payroll Processing?

To save time, effort, hassle & cost

The adage time is money is true in many business functions… especially Payroll Processing. Full Service processing should save overall costs and time!

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We have worked with Heaton and Associates for a number of years for our business insurance needs. They present options, educate on the recommended insurance coverage based on your business size, and are honest and responsive. I have enjoyed working with them and plan to continue for many years.

Sara, Technology Company - Redlands, CA

Thank you for all your help. This has been a very easy experience.

Norman, Business Services Company - Riverside, CA

It’s weird how excited I am about insurance! I just feel like we made the right decision. Thank you so much everything!

Constans, Commercial Electrician - San Bernardino, CA

Our church has been with Heaton and Associates for over 6 years. John has helped us with medical, dental and life insurance needs and we are very happy with our current plans and coverage.

Cheryl, Church - Chino, CA

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