I am fascinated by business success. In my estimation success itself is as individual as the individuals which find it… and one can obtain success in a myriad of different ways. Business Acumen, Hard-work, Determination, Talent and Skill, and sometimes sheer Luck – are some of the most common characteristics or propellants of people and organizations to the lofty ranks of Successful.

Millions have studied, pondered and written about what it takes to become successful. I stumbled on an interesting article where a Professor from Vanderbilt University discussed Howard Stern’s success via branding. He highlighted some interesting aspects. Howard Stern is a bit on the excessive side for my tastes, but his achievements have been monumental as he has successfully transitioned from regional shock-jock to powerhouse, national player with an almost cultish following – this is not meant in any way to be derogatory; I have always quite literally been in awe of his brand/business/success.

I hope you enjoy ….

Can You Handle 6 Stern Branding Lessons? by Patrick Leddin, Ph.D. Professor, Vanderbilt University