On May 23 Covered California annouced the 13 health insurance plans that will offer health care coverge through the exchange.  You will find large carriers such as Kaiser and Anthem Blue Cross on this list. 

What I find interesting are the carriers not on the list.  Carriers such as Aetna, Cigna and United HealthCare chose to sit 2014 out.  You can still purchase insurance through these carriers, just not on the exchange.  Remember the only reason to purchase on the exchange is if you will qualify for a subsidy.  They estimate only 4 million Californians will qualify for a subsidy.  So that leaves a lot of Californians that will not.

We are 5 months away from open enrollement and 7 months away from the bulk of theAffordable Care Act going into place. 

Here is link to the press release annoucing the 13 participating plans.