One major problem we are having this enrollment period is dealing with Medi-Cal.  We are finding that with some of the clients we have enrolled, Medi-Cal is going into the files and changing the application without checking with clients or us, their agent.

Usually they lower the income so the client becomes Medi-Cal eligible.  This has become very frustrating because not only do they put the client in a plan they do not want….but they don’t qualify for it as either.   Some cases/clients have even seen household members removed from coverage.  This is not only frustrating, but dangerous for clients who are insured one day and not the next.

The good folks at Medi-Cal have obviously been instructed to search the 2015 Covered California enrollees and move some of them to Medi-Cal.  Makes you wonder why?  Do they want to boost Medi-Cal numbers?  Maybe it is about cost.  I have heard it costs the state less to put a family on Medi-Cal and pay 100% of their insurance claims as opposed to paying for a subsidy on the exchange.  It really make you wonder what they are paying Medi-Cal doctors and the care patients are receiving.

Whatever the reason, it requires diligence to make sure once enrolled, clients/insureds stay enrolled.