This pandemic has taken business by storm. Frankly, I am tired of hearing about it and am actively seeking any signs of normalcy. I cannot wait until businesses are open again and we are able to be out and about again … even if I have to wear a mask.

On the upside … there are signs of good news all around.

  • One great item is the guidelines from the CA Workers Comp Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) adding a special code for use during this pandemic for Covid19 claims. Pandemic associated claims will not be a rating factor for next year’s policy … meaning, your WC rate won’t jump if you incur these claims.
  • Employees getting paid to stay at home and not actually working, WILL NOT be subject to WC Premium. This will alleviate the requirement of paying WC premium on payroll for employees that truly aren’t working.
  • Employees working from home – reassigned to clerical work may be temporarily assigned to Clerical Class code – 8810 – IF, records are kept.
  • Also, this will account for the additional sick days required by the government for at home quarantining as well. So, keep track of any additional Covid19 required sick days taken by employees.

Again, these WC benefits are going to be conditional on a company’s tracking. So, proactively – start keeping track of any of these COVID19 qualifying employee payrolls now, so your audit at the end of your policy term will be the most accurate. A little extra tracking now can save you a ton of hassle and trying to remember in the future. Attached is a spreadsheet I put together to help.

Payroll records for non-working employees_04242020

**Note: this spreadsheet is provided to be used at your own risk and Heaton & Associates does not warrant use of said spreadsheet.